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Once you’ve hosted your Meaningful Meal we recommend using your grocery bill or restaurant bill as a guide of how much you could donate to World Vision’s food work. A #hungerfree world is possible, the missing ingredient is you.

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World Vision provides children and families with the means to fight hunger and achieve food security. Your donation will help us to continue this great work. Thank-you for partnering with us to help raise funds to fight hunger.


You don’t need to sign up in order to make a donation. If you are already here and you want to support the #hungerfree mission, you can make a difference today.

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to provide food to vulnerable children.
Donation Tips
Don't know how much to donate?
  • Use your restaurant bill as a guide to donate funds to provide food to vulnerable children.
  • Donate half or all of what you paid as a way to celebrate food and the change it can bring.